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Our Team General Mechanical Corporation's full range of construction services including new construction, major renovations, construction management, and design build services, allows us to provide our clients with customized solutions for every aspect of their project. We have been in operation for 11 years offering quality construction throughout the State of Florida and Southern Georgia.

General Mechanical Corporation has established strong business relationships with many organizations within the construction and mechanical industries. We are able to take a client's conceptual idea and make it a reality with our motivated, highly experienced in-house team and our relationships with local skilled trade companies, and material and equipment suppliers.

It is our belief that quality in building construction and in relationships is the key ingredient to a successful project from the bidding process to final project closeout.

Company History

General Mechanical Coporation specializes in the delivery of general construction and major renovation services for large commercial and institutional markets. We have evolved over the last 20 years from a mechanical contractor to a well established general contracting firm. In the last ten years, we have delivered close to 120 wide ranged general construction and comprehensive renovation projects. Many of these projects are large, complex facilities with costs in excess of 60 million with an approximate combined total square footage of two million square feet.

General Mechanical Coporation has a versatile professional management team which places emphasis on planning and analysis before a project begins, and uses goal-oriented, participatory management in every step of the process to ensure the best results are delivered to the Owner. The versatility of our staff is coupled with a commitment to partnering with the Owner, Architect/ Engineer and Subcontractors. This ensures issues are handled promptly and with minimal impacts to schedules, costs, quality and overall project goals. Our personnel has extensive experience in completing projects on time and within budget.

General Mechanical Coporation manages projects with three layers of management allowing for problem resolution, decision making and authority at a low level with the support of Upper Management. This management approach allows those individuals closest to the issues to make informed decisions.

"Partnering" is a construction technique that has been in use for over 13 years and has had very positive effects on projects through reduced paperwork, reduced litigation, increased communication and project team building. General Mechanical Corporation has fully adopted the formal "Partnering" approach to construction projects. As such, General Mechanical Corporation will encourage "Partnering" as a philosophy for the project team as a whole, which includes subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, Architects and Owners.

By following a formal "Partnering" approach to the project, the team will meet on a regular basis. The meetings will be away from the construction site and will focus on developing open and honest communication, increasing team member trust, and team-building skills. Discussions will include issues, concerns and/or problems, and will assist in developing a team approach to problem resolution.

What makes GMC different?

Personal Commitment and Ownership to the Project

General Mechanical Corporation prides itself on providing the personal touch required to successfully complete construction contracts. General Mechanical Corporation will involve only three levels of management for all problem resolution. Our Director of Operations, Business Unit Leader, and Project Manager/Superintendent are personally committed to each project. Personal commitment separates a good contractor from an exceptional contractor. General Mechanical Corporation is willing to take the extra time to discuss issues and reach an amicable resolution that will satisfy all parties involved.

The Business Unit Leader of General Mechanical Corporation, Mr. Joe Roche, is personally involved with all projects and maintains daily contact with the Superintendents regarding significant issues on each project. He ensures a proactive approach is taken in identifying potential problems and actions are taken to minimize any scheduling and/or monetary impacts to the project. In addition to daily interaction, Mr. Roche holds weekly meetings with the Superintendents to discuss overall project performance, and ensure the project team utilizes solution-oriented approaches to deal with issues as they arise.

The Project Manager/Superintendent has overall contract responsibility and reports to the Business Unit Leader. He/She is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the execution of the contract. He/She will provide a single point of contact and primary interface with the Owner and manage the company-client coordination that is essential throughout the contract.

The Project Manager/Superintendent also has the responsibility of project site construction and production personnel. He/She oversees and monitors the progress of the subcontractors on a daily basis. Should a subcontractor fail to properly execute the work, the Project Manager/Superintendent will take appropriate corrective action.