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How We Controll

General Mechanical Corporation is a versatile and professional management team that places emphasis on planning and analysis before a project begins. We utilize goal-oriented participatory management in every step of the process to ensure the best results are delivered to the owner. The versatility of our staff is coupled with a commitment to partnering with the Owner, Architect/Engineer, and subcontractors to ensure that issues are handled promptly, with minimal impacts on schedules, costs, and usability.

General Mechanical Corporation is committed to a beneficial, non-adversarial relationship with our customers. We have had positive experience with, and are committed to, the concept of "Partnering". When properly applied, partnering allows us to better meet the expectations of our customers by developing a clear understanding of the needs of all parties involved in the project.

General Mechanical Corporation's personnel has extensive experience in completing projects on time and within budgetary constraints. Our personnel has a proven record of delivering quality projects to the Owner in a timely manner.

General Mechanical Corporation's entire corporate is thoroughly committed to fulfilling the requirements and ensuring the success of our projects. Prior to the start of any construction project, a Project Team consisting of the President, Vice President, Project Superintendent, Estimator(s), Quality Control Manager, and the Scheduler meet to develop a strategic approach that will ensure the successful completion of the project. In those meetings, the Estimator(s) turn the project over to the construction team by providing an overview and identifying potential difficulties and opportunities. Preliminary budgets and schedules are developed, and the key subcontractors and suppliers are identified.